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    Matt Clark

    Hi all,

    At the end of July I’ll be attending my first road race at Hallett, and was wondering if there’s anything different I need to do to prep my kart? From my understanding the races will be about 30 min each, up from the normal 15 I’m used to in sprint racing. I was wondering if it’d be wise to loctite nuts/bolts that I’m usually able to check after each session, lest something come loose on track. Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to my first taste of RR.


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    Ric mcDade

    Matt, feel free to call or text me. I just left Hallett and will be there again, racing the KART Nat’ls also.


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      Kelly Read


      If Ric can’t help you (he had better, I taught him everything he knows but not what I know), contact me at 316-218-3645.

      What motor/class you looking at racing??

      Gear ratio would be the main thing you would have to change from sprint racing.

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    Ric mcDade

    Matt- that is my use to be friend, Kelly Read. He did teach me a lot, but I couldn’t make a living out of drinking, so I gave it up. :)

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    Matt Clark

    :) I’ll be running Rotax, so gearing and getting used to an extra 30-40 lbs are two things I’ll be dealing with for sure!

    Thanks Ric and Kelly, I’ll shoot you guys a text this weekend once things aren’t as crazy.

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