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    Austin Garrett

    I’ve searched and searched. I understand they have the easy start kit which will remove the relay. Basically my problem started at the track it lost spark. It appeared that the existing relay got too hot and melted a bit. The harness to the relay has 4 wires, 1 big yellow(always hot), 1 big red (starter), 1 small yellow, and 1 small orange.

    I have a old motorcycle solenoid that can work for the starter switch. The two smaller wires were always at 12 volts. I unhooked everything and seen only one of the smaller wires was hot but plugging into the relay resulted in both small wires being hot.

    Basically all im asking is..Can this relay be bypassed all together and rid myself of this problem occurring again? I have been in contact with PRD and Rod is currently looking for a suitable replacement relay or a spare easy start harness. It has been 2 weeks and still mum. I would like to get this thing running again and a couple of $5 parts are preventing it.

    If anyone has any experience with the wiring of these id be happy to hear from you.

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    Carl Beavers

    Sorry, you will need the to upgrade to the “easy start” ignition to totally fix the starting problem.

    However there is a alternative: You cam run a 12 volt and 6 volt battery for an 18 volt system that actually spins the starter fast enough for the old style ignition to fire. This 18 volt dual battery solution does work but is a bit of a hassle charging the batteries separately.

    The new “easy start” system works very well.

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    Austin Garrett

    EDIT: fixed the problem by removing relay and connecting a motorcycle starter solenoid. Have spark again and seems to have cured the issue.

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