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    Ricky Russell

    Looking into racing shifter karts. I’m a quadriplegic though, and I’m sure the steering wheel gets hard to turn at 80 mph and most of the muscles in my arms are paralyzed which would make it even harder to steer, so if anyone knows of a power steering kit for shifter karts that’d be awesome! Any ideas are also appreciated

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    William Martin

    I don’t know of any, but how about adapting one of the electrically assisted steering boxes that many cars have now, in place of the hydraulic type of old. Should be a lot less problem than trying to power hydraulics on a kart!


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    Matt Martin

    most modern electric power steering is just an electrically-powered hydraulic pump.


    I know that some Super Kart chassis uses front A-Arms for suspension adjustment, this is in addition to rack-and-pinion steering.  That would likely be a good start.  The rack and hydraulics could be sourced from a power-assist, or hydraulic steering rack from a lawn mower.

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    johnny brooks

    Here is a kart that was for sale that had an electric power steering setup.

    Unisteer?  from a Honda ATV??

    60 HP HONDA CRF 450 SOLD


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    Matt Martin




    link to a larger picture where you can see the PS setup on the steering shaft and the supporting brackets/electronics.

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    Ricky Russell

    thanks Matt and Johnny!

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    James O’Brien

    Good for you Ricky! Shifters are a blast.


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    Matt Martin

    Keep us updated, i’m interested in how you set everything up!

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