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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Hi everyone,

    I just got, what I think is a great deal. I just bought from a guy two karts, one is a 2008 CRG with a DD2 engine on it with 30hrs, front and rear brakes and in excellent condition and a top kart 2009 with a parrilla 125 with 10 hrs. on it, also in excellent condition, the guy threw also stands, lots of parts, tires and Birel cadet 2009 chassis!!!.

    Everything for 3K!!!!!!. I couldn’t believe it. No it’s not stolen, the guy owns a scrap yard here in the city and he’s very well know, he just told me to “clean his garage” of karts and parts, all for 3K. he even gave away his trailer!!. He knows how much everything is worth, he just didn’t want to deal with several buyers he said. However I started and drove the two karts and everything seems to be in perfect order.

    I would like to do a top rebuild on both engines to start fresh and have a shop check the engines all around.

    I live in Northern CA, but I’m willing to ship them out of state if necessary, any recommendation/s for a reputable shop that service Rotax and Parrilla?.

    Your advice is appreciated.


    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Danny Formal


    We can do for you, our service center is the National and Panamerican Champion on DD2.

    call Danny Formal 561-779-2097  or Donald Formal 561-718-6840  We are in Orlando Florida

    Danny Formal

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for offering your services, as you can see this topic was posted over 20 days ago and the engine has been already rebuilt by acceleration kart racing in Las Vegas, NV. Very nice guys!.

    I’ll contact you for the next rebuild.

    Thanks again.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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