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    Blake Foley

    hello ,



    I am trying to wrap my head around how we tune idle and off idle for our shifters. I have the air screw out 1.5 turns from lightly seated and the idle speed nob seat to where the kart barely dies(I was told shifter karts shouldn’t idle for best performance). Now my main question is with my settings like this ( and if there are better settings I should be using please let me know ) how do I go about changing the pilot jet. Is it more of a guess and check game. Throw a jet in and see if off idle improves or worsens ? I understand main jets and plug chopping but setting up the pilot jet for the best performance still can’t seem to get a grasp of . I am new to the karting world and have minimal experience with carberators. Any help or knowledge thrown my way would be a great help



    thanks for your time

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    Andres Malovos

    I’ve had good results using this app on my phone. It takes local weather data and gives you a carb setup.


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    Blake Foley

    Do you find that to app to be accurate ? I know it won’t be 100% but if it gets me a starting point that’s great

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      Andres Malovos

      I’d say so. I run a lambda sensor, so I know it does run a little rich with the settings from the app, but for a starting point, that’s a good thing.

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