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    Curtis Ruth

    PKRA World Formula First Lap: http://youtu.be/vNUZuRMz5qo
    Pkra has seen alot of growth with Briggs World Formula action and has been showcasing its fun grassroots formula week after week here in Phoenix. We saw over 30 entries for the season opener last weekend with some great racing throughout the field.

    With low cost, high reliability and ease of use, the program just works. Get yourself in the seat of one and you will not look back.

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    David Cole

    Hey Curtis,

    What is the most popular clutch there? And are most people running 35 chain or 219?


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    Curtis Ruth

    Most have been running #35 chain here. In the World Formula the Premier Titan is the spec clutch and the only one legal to use. It provides great durability and is very simple to service.

    In the 206 cadet class, we run a combination of bare bones noram GE clutches or there are a few Premier Stingers being used.

    The 206 cadet class had 6 this past weekend and continues to show progress bring new drivers into the sport with very easy and competetive power plant packages.

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    David Cole

    Thanks Curtis. The track here has about 6 WF guys (most over 35). Not sure what clutch they run but I know the rule is open. I have both a Titan and Stinger – one with #35 and other with #219. Are the drums and gears interchangeable?

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    John Matthews

    Great fun, I knew it would happen….


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    Jamie Orbon

    I am looking to rent a kart for the 2015 4 cycle showdown in Arizona.
    I can be reached at 727-301-7046 or jamieorbon@yahoo.com

    Thank you

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    James Frantz

    The WF is a great package that makes more Hp that a blueprinted methanol burning Animal for much less money. They can now be purchased with or with out the clutch and electric starter. Purchasing with out makes the price even more attractive.



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    Curtis Ruth

    The Super Showdown should be epic this year.  A great place for 4 cycle racers to converge and race.  We just ran a club race last night when it was 118 degrees and we had 18 World Formulas and 9 LO206 karts bear the heat.  It just keeps on rolling.




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    Curtis Ruth

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