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    Sebastian Sarmiento


    I have a MY07 Leopard,  today I rebuilt the carb, checked the clutch (like new clutch and Drum), installed a new driver sprocket, new fuel lines and filter, took the head off and checked barrel (looks in very good condition).

    Main gear looks 9 out of 10. The problem is that when I pressed the green button (to start it) the starter not always can make all the way out or if it does, it engages temporarily,  makes two/three strokes and it retracts (even when the green button still pressed on)

    Is it the battery that  is weak/dead?  (must be about 2 years old and it’s hooked up 24/7 connected to a battery tender). Or is it the starter that has a problem?.

    Which parts should be lubricated from the starter to the main gear? with Lithium Grease?

    I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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    Michael Zahorski

    I would try a new battery first. When they get weak, the starter won’t fully engage. if a fresh battery doesn’t solve the problem, then look at the gear and make sure it moves smoothly.

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    tony zambos

    Batteries can seem good and not be. If you have a battery store near you, find out if they can load test your battery. Another tet would be to charge the battery, remove the charger and check the voltage. Wait a day or two and check the voltage again. Should be at least 12.5v.
    Check the teeth on the ring gear. Pull the bendix off and check that it’s not gummy or binding up in any way.

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    tony zambos

    Battery buying note. I’d stay away from buying a battery from a battery store or any low cost battery in general. They won’t stand up to use on a track. Have a couple that didn’t last a day. Go to Comet or Russell or other large kart part distributer. The more expensive battery will cost you less in the long run.

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    Tim Koyen

    Sounds like the battery first, then if that doesn’t cure it, the bendixes are notoriously bad.  I’ve replaced many of them.

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Thanks guys,

    i went ahead and ordered a yuasa battery. I think a new battery plus a good cleaning of the starter system will give good results.

    thanks again.

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    tried the new battery, works much better, but it still making that rattling noise every 2 or 3 attempts of starting it.

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    tony zambos

    You still might need a bendix as Tim mentioned. You could try to determin if it fails at one particular point on the flywheel, but doubt if you’ll find anything.
    I’ve sent you a PM.

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