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    Duvashen Padayachee

    Our karting team has closed as our drivers are moving to car racing and we have the following parts for sale (All items are NEW):

    – Emme Racing/ARTGP Axles. Super soft, soft, medium soft, medium hard, hard. 1020 and 1050mm. Total of 50 axles. $80/each

    – Magnesium Rim sets. 9 in total. $210/set

    – IMAF D2 Silver Seat (ART GP logo): XS (3), 1 (3), 1+ (5). $65/each

    – KG Buru 2 Nassau Panels. 6 in total. $28/each

    – ART GP FreeM race suits: 48 (4), 50 (5), 58 (2). $220/each

    – Strip chainguard. 5 in total. $35 for all

    – Front upper and lower bars. 6 pairs in total. $35/pair

    – 275mm tie rods. 20 in total. $85 for all

    – Accelerator and brake pedals. 3 of each. $40/each

    – 160XL toothed water pump belt. 25 in total. $5/each

    – Rear brake disc protector kits. 30 in total. $10/each

    Would prefer to sell entire quantity of an item, or bulk purchases only to save on freight costs.

    Can freight anywhere in USA.

    Contact duvashen45@gmail.com for details and pictures.

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