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    Ken Schilling

    I’m very excited to announce my partnership with Darren Swisher of One Racegear in Indianapolis, IN. We collaborated on the attached custom race suit design which commemorates my horrendous crash at the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix a few weeks ago where I essentially walked away. I was ejected from the kart at 80+ mph, went head first into the catch fence, got knocked unconscious and “rag dolled” about 100′ down track. All of the safety precautions put in place by SKUSA and the city of Lancaster did their job and kept me (21x), and PP Mastro (58c), from serious injury. This custom suit has “crash dummy” black & white circles strategically placed I highly recommend working with Darren on your next drivers suit. He does great work, maintains constant communication and provides a fantastic product!!! All of his artwork is printed on the suit, and are not sewn on patches.

    I will be debuting the suit at this coming SuperNats in the S4 class.

    Here’s two links for videos of my crash:

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    Ken Schilling


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    Ken Schilling

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    Ken Schilling

    One Racegear custom drivers suit

    2014 Ken Schilling CTD Suit V5.5


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    jack lachut

    ken, after seeing your video I’m glad to hear you were not seriously injured. I want to ask if the other 2 racers got into each other and you had no where to go??

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    Ken Schilling



    Thank you for the kind thoughts. I’m fine and fully recovered :)

    The spectator video is the best to see what actually happened. You need to watch it a number of times, in slow motion, by quickly clicking on the play/pause button. You’ll see that #58c got really loose going over the “hump” in the road caused by the cross street crown in the road right at the painted cross walk on the street. He veered right then veered left directly in front of me (basically a “tank slapper”). No one’s fault, simply bad luck with all three of us being in the positions that we were in. My teammate #888z had already drafted past #58c and I was following him through to make the pass going into the 90 degree left hander at the end of the straight.

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    jim lewis

    WOW! That was a scary crash, every Kart racers worst nightmare. Not sure how many lives you have used Ken but in cat lives I would say you just cashed one in.

    Thanks God you were not seriously hurt. The SKUSA team is awesome in regards to safety, usually race orgs get a little lazy with track safety at mid straight as they assume nothing bad can happen going straight down the track.

    Watch that bump on the back straight at Vegas – guys like to jump to the right at that spot. I know I will be a bit more cuatios after watching that crash.

    See you in Vegas.



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