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    George Romania

    Hey everyone.  I’m new to the ekarting community and to shifter karting in general but I have some basic mechanical knowledge so I’m able to get by, even though the information out there for these things is lacking.

    Anyways, for some reason my kart will not rev higher than 13,100 RPM on the stand.  It’s a tad rich but I don’t think any jets can add 2000 RPM to the top end.  I’m running a TM K9B Swedetech 2 crown motor with a dellorto vhsh 30 carb.  Is this issue purely jetting or is there something else I can look into.  I pulled the throttle cable until it stopped with my hand to check for full throttle, and tomorrow I’ll be checking the reeds to make sure they aren’t cracked.  Any advice will be helpful.

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    Jim Derrig

    jets most certainly can add 2000 rpm if you’re off enough.  start with the simple stuff:  Too rich; fouled plug; dirt in the carb or fuel pump.

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    George Romania

    Thanks, I’ll let you know how that goes.

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    George Romania

    So today I checked my fuel filter, changed the spark plug, and made sure my reeds weren’t cracked.  That alone added a couple hundred revs so I’m around 13,500 for a quick second now.  I’d like to see what needle I’m running but I can’t seem to figure out how to take it out.  The other jets are pretty simple but this one is a little trickier.  Anyone know where to find any basic info?

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    Steen Carstensen

    First off, top RPM for those engines when racing is in the low 14000, they fall off pretty quickly after that.

    Unscrew the top of the carb, pull the spring out of the slide, then unhook the throttle cable, you see a brass fitting, unscrew that and the needle will come out, do watch out for the small washer on top or underneath the clip, that’s for 1/2 needle clip adjustments.

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