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    Nick Senne

    I just purchased a used shifter kart and have no idea which body work I have. I am looking to get a decal kit but don’t know which style to order. Can someone help me out?






    >http:// photo IMG_7655.jpg


    Gary Osterholt

    Front Bumper and Driver Fairing – KG Unico

    Sidepods – I’d assume old KG breadbox style.

    Gary Osterholt
    GO Designs, LLC


    Nick Senne

    Any idea where i can get decals for them?




    You have a combination of old breadbox side pods and newer unico front bumper and driver’s nose cone.

    That kart looks to be an old Track Magic, they’ve been out of business for a long time. You might be able to find some NOS from a vendor sitting on a dusty shelf, if not look on ebay, or post an ad here at the WTB section.

    Otherwise install a new body kit from new karts, adapt the mounting tubing, and you’re good to go! You can turn it into a CRG, Mad Croc, Praga, Tony Kart, Top Kart, or anything you want, and all the parts and graphic kits would be available anywhere. Good luck. FastFreddy.


    Kazi Tomaszwicz

    Nice kart, but parts will be hard to find. You need to look on ebay or amazon for some of these

    Bazy finlandzkich firm


    Adrian Pagliaroli

    Try godecalzone.com they can make you what you need.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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