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    Michael Neopolitan

    Sure would be fun!

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    here I am trying to find out if this really exists.. scouring the internet for clues, but I don’t think it does.. and why not? I’m new to karting and that would be the perfect venue in the area it seems. But I guess not? Where do the guys on the east coast even race weekly?

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    Chris McGinley

    Hi Christopher,

    Stay tuned on this topic … there should be some news in the upcoming weeks. Where are you located?


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    John Anderson

    Local Sprint tracks in the area: PA – Oreville ( closest to you) located in Topton, NJ – Englishtown, MD – Nicholson Speedway & Sandyhook Speedway.

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    Chris McGinley

    Sorry I forgot to update this thread. The information is out for the newly created Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship. This will be run at NJMP, but organized and executed by a number of racers (myself included) and race supporters in the area. Check out our press release on the NJ Karting site (http://www.njkarting.org/). We’ll be launching a new site and providing updates soon – mark your calendars!

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    John Bonanno

    Hey guys – I was talking with Brad at NJMP recently about the brand new Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship and he wanted us to emphasize to the karting community that there is not an NJMP run club series in 2015.  To fill that void, we launched this brand new series that will be hosted at NJMP, but not managed by NJMP or their staff.  In the press release last week we announced some of the team involved in pulling the series together, but we look forward to announcing the rest of the race day team in the coming weeks leading up to the season.  We are also excited about the number companies that have come forward and inquired about helping our new series grow through sponsorships.

    Chris mentioned NJKarting.org.  We are in he process of rebranding and updating that website to maintain many of the historical records from the previous club series at NJMP, in addition to adding all Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship information.  We will also be converting to the midatlantickartingchampionship.org domain as part of the relaunch.

    Hopefully, the last snowfall is behind us and we will all be getting back together on the track soon.

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    james kent

    What is the format for the weekend ? Saturday practice ? Full track races in Tempest / Bomber configurations ?

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    Chris McGinley

    Hi James,

    There isn’t a defined practice day before race day; unfortunately there are a lot of events at NJMP and it would be difficult to get the track for another day before every race. On the other hand, there are open practice days throughout the season – the NJMP website will have that info.

    As for track configuration – with the exception of the RMAX weekends, I think we’ll be on a short track (i.e., Avenger or Liberator) configuration. Not sure of the Bomber configuration you mentioned?


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      John Bonanno

      James – Chris and I are in the process of building a website to host information related to the Mid Atlantic Karting Championship which will hopefully be launched in the next couple of weeks.  For now there are three places you can go for additional information.

      1.  Practice dates are run by NJMP, not MAKC.  There is a full schedule related to practice up on their website http://www.njmp.com/competition-karting/.  About the middle of the page you will find a schedule and rates, also a list of dates when the karting facility is not available for practice.  You will also see the MAKC schedule along with the track configuration for that day.

      2.  Currently njkarting.org is a site we are in the process of converting to support the MAKC series.  It hasn’t been maintained for a couple of years and needs a fresh coat of paint, but it should be a reliable source of information was relaunched.

      3.  You can always contact me for additional info.  Either email me at jfbonanno@gmail.com or call/text 856.217.2019.


      For a typical race day you can expect the following schedule:

      • Gates open at 7am.
      • Registration/Pre-Tech open at 8am
      • Practice by class begins at 8:30 (There will be 1-2 rounds of practice)
      • Drivers Meeting to follow practice (10:30)
      • Qualifying by class at 11:00, followed by Pre-finals and Finals.
      • A typical race day should be completed around 4-5pm.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.






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    Louis DiLuzio

    Hi, I’m looking to start karting after having a lot of fun at a few Arrive and Drives at NJMP. I am looking at getting some sort of Tag kart as they seem to be popular and the speed of the 4 strokes at the track is a little underwhelming to me. I was also looking at the Yamaha KT100s but it seems like they aren’t quite as popular around here. I’m on somewhat of a tight budget, I don’t really want to spend more than 6k in total on karting this year. So I was hoping to get a kart for around 2-3k, definitely want a Mychron as the analysis and improvement is something I would love. From what I’ve read it’s better to start in a non-shifter, which is fine but I want to move up to that when I get competitive which I figure will probably take 2-3 years. But the thing I’m mostly concerned about is the size of the field, I want to have someone to race against. From looking at the points standings from last year it looks like Rotax is the most popular followed by Tag. I enjoy doing my own maintenance and feel like I could save a lot by doing my own rebuilds rather than sending it out to a dealer, along with all the recent upgrades and overpriced spec parts that I hear about. Not sure if it matters but I am 25, 5’7″ 150lbs, have done maintenance such as top end rebuilds on snowmobiles and dirtbikes and live in Somers Point, NJ so NJMP and Englishtown are closeby. Thanks for your help!

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      John Bonanno

      Louis – I sent you a message last Thursday, let me know if you did not receive it or feel free to contact me at 856-217-2019.

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    John Bonanno

    A few people have asked me a couple of questions, so I wanted to pass along some information on ekarting.

    There is practice this Saturday at NJMP and it will be run on the Avenger configuration (same as race on Sunday).  I personally will be at the F-series event on Saturday, but I have heard from about a dozen people that were planning on practicing.

    NJMP has offered to setup the scales on Saturday so people can check their weight.

    NJMP & Tim Hannen will have transponder for rent on race day.  If you own one don’t forget to charge it.

    MOJO Tires will be available at the event, if MG tires are needed for Tag, please let me know I can bring down from f-series if needed.

    Series Memberships will be available Sunday morning during registration.

    Gates open at 7am.  Registration will open at 8am.

    Electricity is available for purchase at the front gate for $15 (110 Service) for the day.

    I will be monitoring this forum between now and Sunday if you have any questions, or you can call me / text me at 856-217-2019 or email me jfbonanno@gmail.com


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