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    Mike Braun

    I am just starting out in karting, with a former 2 stroke kart converted for LO206. The kart has been properly scaled for the 365 lb weight limit, and aligned with a Sniper v2. Front width is 47 inches and rear width is 55 inches on medium hubs. Tires are Bridgestone YLC.

    Having read many of the topics here, I know that I need practice, practice and more practice. Having run a few sessions, I see how true this is. I know that I am a good ways from seeing the limit of the kart.

    A couple questions.  My last session, I began with 10 psi all around, ran 8 -10 laps, and came in and immediately checked pressure. Fronts were now 12 psi, but the rears remained at 10 psi.  What should I learn from this? (Aside from driver faster :) )

    The handling of the kart seems reasonable in medium and faster turns, but my track has a series of slow corners that I am really struggling with. Have tried changing lines and apexes, but I am just bog slow. Are these two things possibly related?

    Tips would be appreciated.


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    Ric mcDade

    I would think that would tell you that the Frts are workin harder than the rear, but certainly not by much. Probably need to hear more about what you experienced in handling, how the tires gripped etc.

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    Daniel Agee

    What type of chassis are you running? 30mm or 32? Also, you say you are struggling in the slow corners. Is it understeer on entry/exit? For me personally, I run a 32 while the top guys in my area have all converted to a 30. As a result, I’ve had to do everything I can to soften the rear of the kart. I went to the shortest possible rear hubs, gone out to 55″ rear width, soft seat without the secondary seat struts and then regarding your question about psi, I run about 1 psi higher in the rear than the front. I generally start my fronts at 10 cold, rear at 11. They’ll work their way up to 11.5/12.5 hot. Some of the other guys I’ve talked to with 30mm chassis get their tires to about 15-16psi hot.

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    Mike Braun

    The chassis is 30 mm.  Keeping in my my lack of experience, the kart seems like it could turn in better, and change direction in the consecutive slow turns better. Perhaps this is the same condition?

    Just to add to the kart description, it has a 50mm axle, medium stiffness, 1030 in length. Front spindles are 25mmm, with adjustable pills.

    No torsion bars, one seat strut per side.

    I do have shorter hubs, both front and rear that can be tried.


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    Ric mcDade

    Sounds like a push to me.

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