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    John Benson

    Hey all, things have been a little stale around here lately so I thought I would pass along some info I got. New VM 250s with pipes and carbs 11900 . Replacement parts, crank shaft 700 and  750( not sure why there different )  , cases 1125, crank rebuild 220, cylinders 840, most trans gears are between 85 and 105. For some reason on the price list they sent me no piston, ring, pin ect. prices on it. So it looks to me a little cheaper then the DEA, FPE, maybe on par with BRC with the exchange rate  ( Riley may want to chim in here :) )and a little more then the PVP ? All prices are in Euro’s. Is there any interest  on the west coast in this stuff or is a legit twin class still a pipe dream?

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    Gerry MCN

    You stepping up John?

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    John Benson

    Hi Gerry. It’s why I came back to karting but didn’t realize the class was dead. I thought there was a spark of interest and got me fired up . We will see.. ;)


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    Gerry MCN

    I would if 2 things were to happen, a few other did too and we had more then 4 races a year

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    John Benson

    Gerry I’m looking at it the other way since I really only have time to race 3 or 4 times a year I figure I can afford to run the twin. But you and I are the only ones talking about this so probably a mute point !

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    Greg Cavouras

    If there was a strong field, I would love to run a twin… but I frankly think the NW’s best option for building a competitive well-attended series is with the singles.

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      Mid eighties to late 90s there were 25 twins in the North West i can name them all and DRVS
      3 -Idaho
      6- Vancouver
      Club race average 12-18 twins 45 mins race, GNTs 1hr
      250S ran there own class called 250 gearbox
      We ran at Westwood,Oregon,Spokane,Bremerton,Seattle,
      Indycar weekend Portland with Nck & Sck twins
      Very much doubt that you will see that kind of participation again, must remember those days Rotax 256 was king everyone was pretty much on par pwr wise & a new motor could be brought for about 2,500 pnds from Cdpt UK tuned & Andover Norton Uk.
      US 3,000 from Murphy
      Racers today buy & tune singles for more money & go slower
      and i’m one of them it seems to me that running a single has cost me more money then all those years of running twins
      the thrill of driving a twin is something to never forget

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