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    Jack Cook

    I did the race at Laguna Seca and had a blast. I learned a lot but still have questions.

    1. Are chain oilers legal ?

    2. If they are were would I get one or the ones I saw looked home made.


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    Jim White

    Yes oilers are legal. IKF does have a size limit though. Don’t know what it is off the top of my head. Comet kart sales or Russell’s ought to have one. For your world formula a good lube and keeping the chain clean is probably sufficient. Did either of the other w/f guys run one? Both Abbas and Letterman are good guys and I’m sure they would be happy to help you. Mike Schorn or Terry Ives are also good contacts for info on road racing w/f motors out west.

    If you send me a pm I can probably hook you up with them.

    And yes most of the ones the NCK guys run are home made.

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    Jack Cook

    I met both the other WF guys they were a great help. No the WF’s were not running oilers. In WF I am 50 lbs over weight there is no making up for that much weight penalty. I am having a new Tag kart built so the weight penalty won’t be so great. It will have front brakes. I’ll flip them off if I go sprint racing with it.

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    Roger Miller

    Oilers are limited to 4 oz for 30 minutes and less races, 8 oz for over 30 minutes.

    TAG karts often setup a belt drive if they are only road racing.  Although, a top brand chain lube will get you by for the most part.



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