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    Bryan Furtaw

    Hey guys,

    I just got a really good deal (I think) on a nice little kart. I believe it’s a shifter chassis. Although it doesn’t have a shift setup due to the engine it has on it. I haven’t really found any identifying numbers or names on it i can show some photos if anyone would like to help I’d appreciate it greatly. I’m new to this forum as well so if this needs to be deleted please do by all means thank you.

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    tony zambos

    Welcome to the forum and karting.
    Look for an ID plate on the chassis tube running behind the seat, or any stampings on the kart. Your probably are going to have to submit photos with your post of the chassis. Under the Forum tab, see Forum Guidelines-FAQ to learn how to post a picture. If you get stuck, ask how on the Forum.

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    Bryan Furtaw


    Hopefully this works I’m still trying to figure out how to work the image files.

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    Walt Gifford

    I was going to say Coyote but the spindles don’t look right. Also, don’t know why the brakes are on the right, can you move them to the left?

    Briggs Raptor 4 stroke, might run on methanol if it was in sanctioned competition.

    It’s a straight up Gold Cup kart (not Oval, not shifter) so you can run it on a road course or oval but you’re going to need a full width rear bumper. Measure your rear frame tubes, I’ll bet a Coyote bumper will fit.

    What do you plan to do with it?


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    Bryan Furtaw

    Please excuse my late reply, thank you immensely for all of the info.

    As far as the brakes I can’t move them to the left.

    The Kart came with a total of 7 engine blocks I believe most of them are briggs. And it also came fitted with a gasoline briggs 5hp I think the previous owner used it to chase his loose cattle back off of the roadway into the pens. It also came with a 5hp Methanol briggs as well.

    From most of the research I’ve been able to find that it’s a little bit of an older kart, not quite vintage but nowhere up to today’s standards. It has Nginetics brakes on the rear no front brakes. And an Appco sprocket hub. I haven’t found any other identifying marks or numbers on the chassis. The chassis itself is red and has chrome bumpers. The nose fairing/bumper is of a sprint style.  I have a crate of parts I want to go through I have found some things that I am not sure of what they are I can take and post some photos of them.

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    Bryan Furtaw
    Unknown part

    This was with the Kart parts seems like some sort of either catch can or something has a nipple at the bottom and a bleeder style valve at the top.


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    Bryan Furtaw

    This is the other part I’m not sure of. Some sort of bracket or shield I’m not sure if the other 2 brackets are part of it but they were the newest matching parts in the crate. Look like the same metal.


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    David Cole

    Please check your PM. Thank you.

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    Jim Derrig

    “From most of the research I’ve been able to find that it’s a little bit of an older kart, not quite vintage but nowhere up to today’s standards”

    I hate to rain on your parade, but the kart is pretty much useless except as a toy.  I would call it “ancient” by competition kart standards.  It’s  is so old that it cannot compete in any recognized race series and a careful track might not even let you take it out, at least not if there’s anybody else out there.  You won’t be able to find new parts for it.

    Most “deals” like this wind up being bad deals, because the time and cost of getting the thing into decent shape winds up exceeding the price of buying a decent race kart in the first place, and then you’re stuck with a slow, out-dated machine.  Unfortunately, there are all kinds of these things around, usually lurking on Craigslist, because the frames are chrome alloy and don’t rust away.

    If you just want something to tool around local alleys and cul-de-sacs at 30 mph, it’ll do.  If you want something track suitable you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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    Bryan Furtaw

    I already knew this kart wouldnt touch a race in a season when i bought it and for 50$ in my opinion its still a great deal. I didnt buy it with competition in mind i bought it as a little project to do. Im a fabricator so making parts and things of that nature is no issue for me. I was just curious as to find out a possible identity of the cart. Not be told that its unusable by todays standards which i could retrofit parts til the cows come home and run it for a season if id like to but i probably wont. Thanks for your input though.

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    Walt Gifford

    I fix up project karts like that all the time and race them too. You can get a WKA rule book for abut $35 to give you the specs and you could race it in the gold cup div with that briggs flat head. You could do dirt oval with a BSP Clone motor or put a Briggs LO206 on it and race asphalt road course.

    Just take it all apart, clean everything, weld any cracks and do mods to the frame, touch up the paint with a $2 rattle can from Walmart, replace any bearings or other components that are shot, new brake seals and braided steel brake lines, put it back together with new nuts and bolts, drill and cotter pin all bolts on steering and brake systems. Get a new set of body work and 4 Bridgestone YKC tires and drive it like you stole it.

    You might get more help with ID over at http://karting.4cycle.com/forum.php

    But most karts have generic parts that interchange anyway. Here’s a good site to buy parts http://www.out2win.com/catalog/ but buy your bearings somewhere else (long story).


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    Steve Eamiello

    Hey guys-

    Same situation.. Picked up a kart and I’m trying to identify it. It has Tony Kart Steering wheel & pedals, and ODK master cylinder.. blue frame with gold anodized tie rods, 3 disc brake setup, and Fireball 125cc two stroke.. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Pics to follow soon!!





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      Aaron Hachmeister

      Blue frame would be Kosmic if it’s an OTK family chassis, which I’d expect since OTK pieces are all specifically for those chassis but pedals could be interchangeable I suppose. Check the tag on the rear cross bar, and yeah pictures will definitely help

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