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    Chris Beebe

    Hello everyone! I am new to wrenching on karts and have a question on brake compatibility! I picked up a briel 125 shifter kart a few weeks ago and have been going over everything the last few weeks. I usually start out with a repair manual as a way of figuring things out and the internet for info. Seems to be little to no info on karts out there! Anyway here is my situation, The kart is a late 90s birel and on inspection of the rear brake the freeline hub is well worn. The part where the floating pins ride is getting a lot of slop! I have a 40mm axle and was thinking I could just buy a new “current style” hub and a rotor to match. I see that most new styles are not a floating style but I see no problems with that. Do you all agree? Can I just pull off the old and put a new style on that is not a floater? I already had to pull all three calipers apart and clean everything up so I think they still have life left in them. Anyway the kart is way fun and I plan to race my first race next weekend! Should be fun! Any info or advise on the brakes would be great!

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    Greg Wright

    You should be fine replacing with a non floating rotor assy, Personally I don’t like floating rotors, just something else to go wrong,

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    Peter Zambos

    You’ll want to purchase a hub/rotor combo that has a rotor the same approximate thickness as what the old one was, or, at least, how thick it was when it was new.  Rotor thickness varies quite a bit and, if I remember correctly, I don’t think that caliper can be shimmed out.

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    Chris Beebe

    Thanks for the replies! I thought it would work but wanted to hear a couple opinions. I have already searched for parts and I can find the same sized replacements out there.

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