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    Kelly Read

    I have had a lot of people contacting me on how the testing of the new clutch is going.


    We did TRACK testing on it this past weekend and it performed flawlessly. The version we tested with was for low stall engagement like on a Tag motor. We had a 08 Leopard as the motor on a Rocket chassis with a 40mm axle. We started out with 6000 RPM clutch engagement which is the maximum engagement allowed in KART & WKA to see how it held up and performed. Then we started lowing the engagement 1000 RPM at a time down to 3000 RPM. Same results, GREAT!! They have the weights and springs perfect for a tag out of the box.

    Some things I like about it is:

    1) No tinkering with it like some people do with the engine clutch (been there, done that). As an example, spraying the friction hub to gain getting off the line. No worries of burning the linings off especially if you are on the brake and throttle at the same time especially at the starting line like you can on a engine clutch.

    2) Easy to adjust.

    3) I believe the plan is to have it for 1 1/4″ up to 50mm axles.

    4) $$$$$. From my experience, I see paying for this in 1 season, 2 at the most compared to what I have spent on engine clutch parts if pricing is under $1000.00.

    I believe one for other engines (Yamaha, etc) will be tested over the next few weekends.

    If you have questions, give me a shout.

    Kelly Read

    316-218-3645 (C)


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