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    Jack Cook

    Has anyone received the new EVO engines? I have ordered one and was just wondering how long it will take. I ordered from a west coast dealer.

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    Joey Guyon

    Sick! Please post your thoughts when you get on track.
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”>Shipping from maxspeed to west coast takes eight days in my experience. If you are in a rush pay a little extra to help encourage UPS</p>

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    Curtis Cooksey

    We have the new EVO engines in stock! They look great and we can’t wait to get one on the track.


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    Brett Clatt

    Any word on the EVO upgrade kits yet?

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    Rob Kozakowski
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    Rob Kozakowski

    Limited to Jr, Sr and DD2, it looks like:

    1) carb might give small gains over current “good” carbs in all classes, so probably a decent improvement for the “average” current carb

    2) Jr Max ignition system is a big improvement

    3) Sr / DD2 get a decent improvement from the electronic power valve

    4) new exhaust is just more quiet

    5) EVO comes out of the box “ready to race”, where the current engine needs some “running in” time before it gets faster

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    George Vorrilas

    Ditto, we have the engines  in stock as well. They look SWEET !! Lots of improvements and upgrades. Not sure when the upgrade kits will be available but we are hoping in the next few weeks. Feel free to give us a call or email with any specific questions.  George V.




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    Dane Temlett

    I bought the upgrade kit for my DD2, at the same time threw in a new piston.

    After our first club race wasnt too happy with the performance. Im still new to karting so take my feedback with a pinch of salt.

    Basically i was 2sec slower than my previously set times and felt it lacks bottom end. I am over the class weight by 10kg which is probably why it affected me so much more than others and after the festive season its probably taking me some time getting back into it resulting in my slower times.

    Our track is definitely not flat either, we climb some pretty steep inclines so having a motor with good bottom end is vital which is where im losing the bulk of my time now.

    If im not mistaken the squish gap has been increased slightly on these new motors which is also a contributing factor to the lack of bottom end.

    The lack of bottom end has also been felt by everyone not just me, so the guys have been doing allot of testing with a combination of the older carbs and PV’s coupled to the new motors. Some of found improvements by doing this other found it to be worse by mixing and matching.

    So end of the day i think its purely a matter of conducting some more testing with the new upgrades in an effort to find that ‘sweet spot’ again.

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    Curtis Cooksey

    I raced an EVO Rotax Sr. motor this weekend at our local club race. It was very easy to tune and drive, but didn’t seem too much faster than an older motor. It was probably about 1 tenth of a second faster on a 30 second a lap track. It was easy to be consistent with the EVO motor. In my opinion the new changes to the Rotax make it the best TAG motor I have ever driven.

    If you have any question or want to buy one of these great engines call 888 466 5278 or check out our website http://www.shopakr.com

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    Gabriel Urrutia

    My question is about the installation of the upgrades , is it self installation    ? Does it come with instructions ? Or it requires us to take engines to dealer to spend more money, how much More ? I noticed engines parts are not included in the package so if somebody could explain difference between of a new 2015 engine with all updates including lighter piston & crankshaft and the old engine without new piston & crankshaft ? How much would cost new piston & crankshafts including installation & labor from dealer, which I really think is where all money is at . I noticed engine block is different not only the black / red paint  so does it make any difference with old engine? There is a lack of information about this EVO update and my opinion it’s not only the $470.19 (Sr./master)+ delivery Cost + Engine parts + labor  That worries me updating my old engine , what if after all Big money spent then This Engine cant Catch up With a 2015 original Engine . What if We just sell old Engines and buy new one With all updates and not half of them without spending moré money On labor & Parts installation . The main concern it’s  if  it is worthy to update old engine with all this lack of info from Rotax.

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    Curtis Cooksey

    Gabriel, I put a fresh 2012 Rotax engine on the Dyno vs. a 2015 EVO engine. The 2012 engine had almost 1 more horsepower than the EVO, but the EVO did have a wider smoother power band. I think with the upgrade kit your engine will be right there with the 2015 EVO engines. As soon as we get an upgrade kit for that 2012 motor I will dyno it before and after to see what it does. I think the piston and crank stuff was mostly to make the engine even more reliable and the ignition and carb should be pretty easy to install. If you have any questions when you get the upgrade kit just give us a call or email at Acceleration Kart Racing. http://www.accelerationkarting.com

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    John Van Nghiem

    Fastech Racing has the majority of the upgrade parts and then some.

    Backordered parts, i.e. Mini manifold, Sr. Manifold, etc. should be available in a week.

    Buy now and save. Price will go up easily 25-30% after May.


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    Gabriel Urrutia

    Curtis Cooksey,

    Thanks for such as good information you are sharing with the community, thats a very informative test and no doubt thats what everybody wants to see. I cant wait for your next experiment on the dyno but so far it’s not 30hp as they are offering and thats something Rotax’s owners were expecting to catch up a bit with 32hp ROK GP engines.  I have both engines and I can confirm Rok it’s just a little faster than  Rotax  so In my opinion  if we were expecting with this update to be stronger or equal than Rok then we were so wrong . I am already waiting for an answer from rotax about my EVO kit already ordered by email to test but I think with FWT going on, thats something will take 1 week more for us to receive any answer: at least they announced  it .

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    Dane Temlett

    DD2 here on dyno with no evo internals but upgrade kit, which was Elec PV,  new ignition / ecu and new Carb.

    Made 24.4kw / 32hp. Sorry i dont have a before and after to compare.



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    Rob Kozakowski

    Raw hp numbers mean nothing.  All that really matters is the comparison on the same dyno.

    What a lot of people really want to see is 1) Prevo; 2) Prevo from #1 with Evo kit; 3) Evo.  Curtis did 2/3’s of this in his test.

    And even then, to really get an idea of the differences, you’d probably have to do it with a few Prevo’s and a few Evo’s… we all know that differences exist in the Prevo’s, and so it’s probably reasonable to assume the same will happen amongst the Evo’s.

    One thing that many of us are interested in is whether the gap between a “strong” and an “average” Prevo will be reduced with the Evo kit.

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    Steve piggott

    How about the comparison of the micro?

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    Gabriel Urrutia

    Great Rob you brought that info about Prevo vs Evo and difference between a good prevo & standard prevo . I really  think cylinder Barrel is what makes difference. 09’s cylinders  are  the  most famous & expensive  part of the rotax max package ;  now there is one these barrels  on ebay  for $4,000 . So, its racing and we all know if you want to be on top you’d might  have to afford this special part for Rotax . I also have a  Vortex RoK GP and so far I haven’t heard anything about special parts yet.

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