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    Alan Sheidler

    Wow, this has to be the highest entry level in the class, ever!  31 in KM, plus 6 in KML.

    That is really nice to see.

    Has anyone else noticed that the posted run/work order has KM working 2nd heat, and running 3rd?  So much for that course walk…..

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    Bill Schmidt

    Yeah! And kml is actually missing 2 gals. Brigit Sawatsky and Dana Gill.

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    Scott Boito

    45 min break between Heats 2 and 3.  Since several of us are pretty close to grid, we should be OK on one of the days at least.  The other day is going to be tight.

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    Brian Regganie

    There were no Honda contingency decals for KM  at the last national we were at. Does anyone know where they can be purchased. I was only able to find them on-line  from sites outside of the US.

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    Scott Boito


    All decals should be refreshed for Lincoln, according to a discussion I had with Grady at Wilmington.  So small Tire Racks, small HPD stickers, etc, should be available for all.


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    Bill Schmidt

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