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    Linda Baldus

    Knew you all would get a kick out of this.  Couldn’t find the old topic so it may be in the Archives, so I’ll just start this one.

    Through the entire fiasco, I have kept in touch w/ my email contact re. problems I am still experiencing.  Right now, the main problem I have is the inability to print more that 18 laps in the Lapchart section.  Every once in a while I send them a reminder, they say it will be fixed in 4 weeks, so 6 weeks later I send them another reminder.  Here’s the latest response I got:

    “The bug is still not finished because other, more important bugs came to our attention.
    But this bug will not get forgotten, unfortunately we can’t give you a date when this is finished.
    We are very sorry about your inconvenience.”

    One thing I do have to say about them:  At least they type very good English.

    Keep on kartin'. llb
    Raymore, MO

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