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    Bill Schmidt

    I broke my right index finger and the bone below it in the palm of hand yesterday at work . it will be in a cast/splint for 4 to 6 weeks. a 75 lb. parking brake assembly for a big high loader fell onto my hand, smashing it into the concrete floor. I said ouch, among other words. most pain I have ever experienced in my life for the first 10 minutes after injury, then it went numb.


    Alan Sheidler

    Very sorry to hear of your injury, Bill.  Sounds painful!

    I hope you recover well from it.  As far as driving goes…. the right hand is pretty much for shifting, and just helping the left had do the steering anyway, right?


    Brett Miller


    Don’t lose hope! As a lifelong guitar player, I had issues with my index finger on my fretting hand. After years of searching, I found a doctor who was willing to repair the unknown damage. She woke me from surgery with the news that she’d “Found the issue and repaired it… but I would never play the guitar again!”

    I struggled for years with that bombshell. Fortunately, I found my new passion in Karting. Several years later, with the help of a Physical Therapist, I worked for a 13 months and regained the use of my index finger. It was a long and incredibly painful process… but today, not only am I able to hang onto the wheel of a shifter with my left hand… I can also play again.

    So take heart and remember… You are NEVER out of the fight!
    Be A Warrior!!!




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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