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    Ali Jamili

    I will be switching from my old 4 cycle kart to a fresh new rotax motor and chassis. My question is which brand and model to choose? I’ve done my research and have learnt that getting a kart from the major manufacturers (birel, tony kart, crg) as well as brands with local support are safe bets. With all that being said my local kart shop distributes Tony kart and more recently Arrows. I’ve heard great things about Tonys like “fast out of the box” , they also seem to the most common brand at my track. As for Arrow, they seem cheaper, and are a good value. Crg is also an excellent brand but is it any better than Tony? Preference perhaps?  I’m also interested in intrepid and ikart.  Looking forward to suggestions. Thanks.

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    David Cole

    Contact MSquared Karting, they will steer you in the correct direction.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    TJ Koyen

    Any of the karts you’ve listed will work great. If Tony Kart and Arrow are the ones your local shop supports, I’d go with one of those.

    The Tony Kart is indeed a properly good kart right out of the box. The Arrows also have had a lot of success across the country. It might come down to color preference.

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    Ali Jamili

    Thanks guys, I’m starting to lean closer to M- squared’s Tonys and arrows. Also would it be a good idea to buy a shifter chassis and take the front brakes off? Because I would like to move up to a shifter after that.

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    David Cole

    Ali, please see your Private Messages. Thanks.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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