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    Jeremy Baldi

    One of those weekends for sure.  Fast but no luck since I was leading both my races when mechanicals knocked me out.  Weekend damage total was  2 blown tires, ripped bodywork apart and went threw three pistons.


    Here is vid from Sunday f-125 race.  Tried some new aero stuff and was running well, had just pasted for lead and than had crank go and went for a ride.

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Robert Lawson

    That was pretty good!!!!


    I have a few helmet cam blow-ups of my own. A couple years ago at Roebling Road was about as good as it gets. End of the front straight, fastest point on the circuit, middle of turn 1……pow!!! That was an awsome ride. :)


    No blown tire vids????


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    Jeremy Baldi

    No the gopro was not working for the tire blow up.  To bad because it would have been a cool vid.  It happened right at worst time.  115 mph in the middle of the banking corner.  I was able to keep it under control and just pull off with out any spin.  It happened Sunday morning so I raced with the kart looking like this.


    Notice no more large rear wing and instead a diffuser wing behind the bumper.  Trying to keep downforce but reduce drag.  It seemed to work quite well.


    Jeremy Baldi

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    Craig west

    That thing was a rocket, engine sounded great before the detonation!

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