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    Dan Helman

    Hello Everyone

    I’m a little new to this. Can someone point me in the right direction for Maxter parts in the Georgia area or on line?



    Jimmy McNeil

    Hi Dan, give Swedetech racing a call. If they don’t have the parts, they can definitely aim you in the rite direction.

    They built a Maxter for me a couple years ago to use at the National finals, It was so dominate, it was almost unfair lol.



    James McMahon


    PSL (Canada)

    Joe White

    Depending on what you need exactly other brand parts may work too.


    Frank Rapisarda

    Hi Dan, I just got a maxter myself, swedetech has the parts but they are not cheap. I think I will stay with my mod moto motors, the parts are so much cheaper.


    Dan Helman

    Thank You for the info. I just got the kart for my son. He ran TAG for 3 years and wanted to try shifter. We ran an Un sealed Rotax. I’m a heavy truck mechanic by trade and I had no trouble doing the work on the Rotax because the parts and service information are readily available. I’m finding that Maxter is more of a mystery there isn’t much in the way of service manuals or information I found some parts diagrams but that’s about it. The engine runs fine and supposedly has low time on it but I’d like to do a top end to have a starting point.

    I’m assuming it’s basically the same procedure as the Rotax But any tips or info would be appreciated.

    Thanks   Dan


    Frank Rapisarda

    Dan taking it apart shouldn’t be a problem for if your a mechanic. I haven’t taken mine apart yet, but I was a motorcycle mechanic at one time, they are all close to the same. the one thing you want to make for yourself is a box made from a 2×4’s standing up on the 1 1/2 side. ( 12″ x 11″ ) Take the clutch side of the motor apart first then flip it over and split it from the ignition side. Make sure you tap on the countershaft (drive – output shaft ) so the trans doesn’t fall out, and pay attention to make sure if the trans lifts out of one of the bearings that you don’t drop a washer if it has any.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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