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    michael smith

    Hi all,

    first time karter. I got a veloce 125 cc frame from someone. he had taken off and sold the front brakes but left the dual master cylinder with balance adjustment . I plan to only run a rear brake. would I be better off just getting a single master cylinder for the single rear brake?

    if yes, are they pretty universal and can I get a recommendation on one?

    thanks all

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    tony zambos

    know nothing about a veloce chassis, but are you sure you don’t have two master cylinders bolted together? If you do, remove one and the bias adjuster. You’ll probable need a new brake rod as well.


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    Walt Gifford

    You have 2 master cylinders on the kart now? Take one off and get a new brake rod to the other one.


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    michael smith

    wow, thanks guys. I went back and looked and it sure does have TWO master cylinders. that saves me some money right there.

    while I have your attention, I need a caliper because the chassis did not come with calipers. TS racing sells the specific one for the chassis (skm , 60-mm centers on the bolts and the rotor is almost 12mm thick. should I get the factory one or are there brakes out there that may be better performing?


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    Walt Gifford

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