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    Daniel White

    The shops I typically use do not have what I need at the moment, so I checked out Magna, which has an extensive online store. However, since I’ve never used them, I wanted to make sure they have what I need.

    Unfortunately, half-dozen calls I’ve made have been unanswered, and the message I left has not been returned. So my question is–is this a good site? Does anyone here have experience with them?

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    Steven Peters


    Magna Racing has been a dealer of ours for almost six years now – Sven is a great guy to work with.

    Sorry to hear that he hasn’t gotten back with you.  I know it’s rough sometimes keeping all the balls in the air when you juggle a number of responsibilities.

    I’ll drop him a note and see if we can get you guys hooked up.

    Does his site show the item you’re looking for?  If so, try placing your order and leave him a note in the check out process.

    Steven Peters
    Team Valhalla Racing

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    Daniel White

    Thanks for the reply, Steven. I called again and left a detailed message.

    The site shows their merchandise, and they carry an extensive inventory, but since no one I know has used them, I want to get some feedback before I place an order.

    Since I live in the eastern US, I use Comet for 90% of my needs, and they are phenomenal. Over the years I have also ordered a bit from Acceleration, Fastech, J3, and Franklin, the first two of which have great webstores. Every time I need to call either of these, someone answers and helps me out–it puts me at ease knowing someone is manning the phones.

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    Steven Peters


    I just got an email from Sven.  He’s currently out of the US, but said that he will try and hook up with you.

    If you want to pursue getting the part(s), you can drop him an email at sven@magnaracing.com.  That way he’ll have an email addy to respond to you directly.

    The dealers that you listed are all great ones – hope you get what you’re looking for soon.

    Good luck with your racing season!

    Steven Peters
    Team Valhalla Racing

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    Curtis Cooksey

    Acceleration Kart Racing will answer your phone call. 888 466 5278

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    Daniel White

    Thanks Steven. I will reach out to Sven.

    Curtis, I called Acceleration after I found out that Comet didn’t have the part I needed. They didn’t have it either.

    I’m looking for a set of Douglas cast aluminum wheels for a rain set-up. Comet had the rears (180), which I purchased, but not the fronts (130). Both Comet and Acceleration said they are on back order.

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    James McMahon

    I guess if you’ve hit a wall you could do a web search for douglas kart wheels (or the DWT part number) and go down the list of results.
    Looks like fastech, margay and bmi karts stock douglas wheels, hopefully they will have the 130’s you need

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    Daniel White

    Acceleration eventually got a shipment, and they CALLED ME to let me know. Of course, I ordered what I needed right away.

    Great people at Acceleration Karting!

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    David Cole

    Good to hear Daniel. ShopAKR is awesome!

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    brian downing

    I’ve done business with Sven, but I’ve found that he only stocks some of what he lists on his site. Some items are relisted and he drop ships them. If an item appears to be out of stock on most web sites and Magna shows it in stock, it’s probably not.
    If Sven doesn’t reply, he’s probably at a race. He’s been very helpful and if I lived in FLA I’d give him more business.

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