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    Paul Lopez

    I guess this is kinda a karting question but is there anyone in Dade or Broward county (Florida) that knows of anyone or who is willing to provide a location for me to ride my Go-quad/Mini kart ? The lot doesnt need to be very big. I do not expect anything for free as i understand your time is worth something. I am just looking for somewhere i can make a small track maybe 35- 45 seconds long with maybe a 100ft straightaway and some chicanes. See below for pictures and video of my small kart. IT has hand controls and does no more than 30 MPH.

    I also wanted to add i am 28 years old and have years of karting experience and i own 3 racing karts 100cc and 125cc 2-strokes. Not some kid looking to act stupid. .. Why would i ride such a slow kart when i have racing karts you ask? Well to me its just about doing something different and new just for fun.


     photo quad3_zps2df9cc9f.jpg

    I previously was riding on this lot but skool started and i had to relinquish it.


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