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    William Weiler

    I know given the same Kart someone can accelerate faster if they weigh less, can they also corner faster? I thought an increase in weight would push the tire harder into the surface and compensate.

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    Mike Clark

    Lighter is faster.

    Very basic concept:

    Weight does increase traction. Weight does increase centrifugal force. The traction force gain is less that the centrifugal force gain.

    This is why Aero plays so much importance in car classes that allow it. Traction goes up without weight going up as quickly.

    I could lose a few pounds. The cornering gain would be more significant than the acceleration gain is my speculation. About 10 #’s over 370 weight limit.


    Aaron Hachmeister

    Mike got it right. The gains in centripetal force due inceased mass from Force(friction) = |mass*gravity|*(Coefficient of Friction) are outweighed by the increase in inertia from Inertia = mass*radius^2

    Sorry about the unnecessary math, that’s just the easiest way I can think of explaining it while providing some reason as to why

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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