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    Wade Wishneski

    I noticed on my leopard clutch drum, the space between the outer thrust washer and the snap ring appeared to be more than acceptable, a little too much slop, hence this explains the fine metal shavings found in the clutch drum cover and the slight wearing of the teeth on the drive sprocket.  I took it  all apart and replaced the inner and outer washers, roller cage bearing, snap ring, and the drive sprocket.  Now it fits snug with just a few thousands of an inch between the outer washer and the snap ring.  This appears correct.  I grab my trusty micrometer and measure the thickness of the old inner and outer washers, versus the thickness of the new inner and outer washers, and there was the difference in thicknesses, hence the intolerable slop.  Also the old needle bearings seemed a little loose as well, loose in the cage.

    My question is this, do these items, the inner and outer washers and the needle cage bearings wear considerably on these Leopards?  Do you all replace these how often, every race, or just when it appears to have too much slop?  Looking for some reference on this from other racers/tuners, etc.

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    Mark Reed

    Hi Wade,

    I have found that replacing the two washers and roller cage bearing twice a season helps keep the drive sprocket, chain, and axle sprocket stay in good shape. Be sure to use a good bearing grease on that roller cage bearing before each practice or race day.

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