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    Rick McClure

    Looking for a little feedback. Have a Yamaha KT 100 ran in Junior sportsman class. Has anyone ever heard of the coil or TCI causing motor to stick on fresh rebuilt or even after a couple hours on motor

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    Jim White

    Never. If they fail you just get no spark. As long as you got fuel it should have nothing to do with a stick.

    Now if the ign rotor was installed without the key it could have slipped. I guess that could increase timing enough to get into detonation.

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    Walt Gifford

    Stick on a fresh rebuild could be bad communication between engine builder and racer. Builder sets it up thinking it will get a long break in and the customer thinks it’s ready to race.

    If I don’t know what’s going to happen to the engine after it leaves the shop I put in extra clearance.

    Ignition could be set up with too much advance and too little rotor clearance. Might be a contributing factor.

    Did you put oil in the gas?


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