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    Chad Campbell

    Notice after I took the kart down the road and back that after I stopped I couldn’t really push the kart anymore, the clutch was trying to catch and lock the wheels or turn the engine over. The engine does turn over so it is not locked up. Took the clutch apart and the internals are all broken. Not sure what happened, but I literally just got this kart and I am not very experienced with 2 cycles or wet clutches. It is a horstman wet clutch and that is all I know. I need some advice on getting a new clutch.  Not sure if I should buy a wet or dry clutch for running the senior class with rlv sr-y pipe. I will be racing the GoPro Motorplex. I would like to stay on the cheapest side of things if possible. Also, if you have a used clutch let me know! I just may buy it. Thanks!

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    Thomas Salandra

    I am running the same class and I use a Horstman dry clutch. I use the  three -disk and it is not worth the money. A two disk dry clutch is the way to go. I would say to use either a Patriot clutch that is made by Comet Kart Sales or a Tomar clutch. The TD-23 (Tomar) is what most people in Yamaha run. We had a racer this weekend do the same thing that you did with the same clutch.

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    Daniel Justice

    Hmm, that’s a familiar story to me Chad. The first time we tested our Horstman Nytro wet clutch KT100, the clutch burned up. And man did that thing stink afterwards. With our first race a week away we bought a Tomar TD-23-3, the reason we bought the the 3 disk was for road racing.  So I’d suggest tossing the wet clutch aside and getting a dry one. Just chain lube it everytime you come off the track. And if you buy a TD-23, do not buy it with a 10 tooth drum. The bronze bushing will wear out fairly quickly, and if you try to remove them without a reamer, the drum will likely crack. Not what you want to happen the night before a race…

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    Walt Gifford

    If you had a horstman wet clutch break inside it must have been in really poor condition to start with or you did something wrong with it. I’ve been using them forever and never had a problem when properly maintained. The 2 disk Steel Nytro (wet) is completely bullet proof for the 4 hole can or SRY pipe and I’ve been running one for years with no problems at all. People try to run cheap transmission fluid and go out several sessions without changing it then ignore the service intervals on key parts.


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