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    Chad Campbell

    Notice after I took the kart down the road and back that after I stopped I couldn’t really push the kart anymore, the clutch was trying to catch and lock the wheels or turn the engine over. The engine does turn over so it is not locked up. Took the clutch apart and the internals are all broken. Not sure what happened, but I literally just got this kart and I am not very experienced with 2 cycles or wet clutches. It is a horstman wet clutch and that is all I know. I need some advice on getting a new clutch.  Not sure if I should buy a wet or dry clutch for running the senior class with rlv sr-y pipe. I will be racing the GoPro Motorplex. I would like to stay on the cheapest side of things if possible. Also, if you have a used clutch let me know! I just may buy it. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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