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    Ted Hamilton

    I’ll be racing KT-100 for the first time at GoPro Motorplex this coming season. I think they’re switching to a pipe from the previous Sportsman Can (4 hole 90 degree). I’d like a 3 disc model, but unsure what brand.

    What’s the current best choice for durability and ease of maintenance? Advice, info appreciated. Thanks…


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    Greg Wright

    Ted, You are going to get a lot of opinions and/or options on that question. Personally we have had very good luck with the Patriot clutch. I’m not convinced that you need the 3 disc version with the WKA spec pipe that is used at the motorplex. The WKA pipe clutches even lower than the 4 hole can.

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    I am fairly new to karting and I also have an HDC 5B two disk on my KT100. Because it is a dry clutch I know that lubricant should be applied to the drum bearing but what lubricant should I use exactly? I know it is a specific question but I want to make sure Im not using something that can spin off into the clutch and ruin my disks

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    Ted Hamilton

    I’ve wondered about using a graphite based dry lubricant that hopefully wouldn’t migrate like a liquid…

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    brian downing

    I had to call Horstman on this as they specify a teflon based spray lube, which isn’t carried at any of the local big box Chinese hardware suppliers.

    They recommended the TriFlow spray lube.

    Use the tube to direct lube into the bearing and lubricate as frequently as you can.

    At least before long practice sessions and each race.

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    Ted Hamilton

    Makes me wish Formula Y was still around….lol

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    Jay Sinon

    My daughter runs yamaha jr. at the gopro motorplex and we also use the Horstman HDC-5B. I use WD40 I know alot of people use triflow but wd40 is cheap and I use alot of it. Everytime she comes off the track I will soak the drum/crank down and I have never had a clutch slip or failures using it. I found that it is also one of the best cleaners to remove all the oil debri after the race. Do yourself a favor and buy a 1 gallon can and a spray bottle much cheaper then the aresal cans.

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