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    John Lafakis

    I’m trying to find a nice decal kit to go with this body kit and I’m having a hard time.  I have a CRG so I don’t want it to have another kart company logo on it.  I would love to fit a CRG decal kit on it but I don’t know if it will look goofy since it’s all made for CRG NA2 bodywork (I’m sure I would have to cut the decals to make them fit on the FP7).

    I haven’t got the bodywork yet but I really like the look of the FP7, is there any reason not to go with this kit other than it seems hard to find a nice looking decal kit?  I know looks are subjective but all I can find so far are wavy flame decals and others like that.


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    Taylor Young

    There’s a few companies out there that make generic kart graphics for that style of body work.



    These ones look pretty cool http://www.accelerationkarting.com/accelerationnewagedecalkit-1.aspx

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    John Lafakis

    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!!

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    Rod Hawkins

    Go to kartdavid.com and have them make a crg kit for your body work. Have done this and it turns out great.

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    John Lafakis

    Ok I’ll try that place too, their work looks awesome.

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