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    William Butcher

    Hi Guys, I split time between Fla. and New Hampshire. I have yet to but a Kart, but looking. It would be nice to have a Kart to race in both states. Now I mostly drive the 4 stroke Rock Karts in Orlando and Anderson Race Park. One problem is the 4 stroke class in NH is called “The World Formula Class” I have found no track in Fl. that has this class  I’m not quite as to the 4 stroke kart classes in Fla. I take I must move into a TAG Kart for each state. Have yet to drive one. At Anderson you need a lap time of 60 sec in order to drive one. I am stuck at 60.5 sec. Should be faster when I get into Fla. Spent the summer watching Kart Racing How To videos on Youtube and also reading books on it. I think the Ocola G.P tack does have rental TAG carts. I live in Lakeland Nov. to May. About a hour drive to all three tracks. All help on which Kart class that would be suitable for both Fla. and NH would be great, but maybe I’ll need two classes of karts for Fl. an another for NH.

    Also would be open to buying a Kart when I get to Fl. in Nov.

    Thanks, Bill

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    Matthew Chin

    Hi Bill,

    I can tell you that the 4 stroke “sprint track” karting in Florida is not very strong. We prefer the 2 stroke. The largest class in Florida is Rotax Max (FR125), There are small classes of LO206 (briggs) popping up but I would not jump into that without more participants. The other class that is popular is ROK. Both are fairly fast classes, and I would recommend more seat time in slower classes. I am a regular at Andersen, as well as Ocala. Ocala does have rental rotax jr. karts on rental chassis. Although they are fun they use slicker tires and they can be a handful to drive for someone who is not use to it. Are you looking to be competitive or just go out and practice?

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      William Butcher

      Thanks for the reply. I hope I can get more experience on Karts so I can race . The 4 strokes seem to be the only type of ‘ arrive and drive Karts’ available at Anderson/Orlando/Ocala are just the 4 stroke ROCK Karts. I would like to give it a go on a 2 stroke Kart to at least get a feel for them. To race, if only as a beginner, would be my eventual goal both in Fl. and NH. I will be in Florida around Nov. 5th and plan to drive every Wednesday morning during the Masters class. But also at the other tracks tiring to improve my skills. I most likely take a instructor’s class. Maybe if you know a date and time you will be at one of these tracks, maybe we can have a chance to met. If so, I will give you my Fl. number.

      Thanks again, Bill

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    Matthew Chin

    We can meet up when you get down here. I kart mostly during the weekends. I would recommend getting some driving instruction. I know that Andersen can provide such training in the rental 4 stroke rock karts. Talk to Matthew Barnebey at Andersen and he should be able to give you some 1 on 1 training to get your lap times to the 61 second lap times you need. Then you can rent their 2 stroke birel, with proper race tires and see if that is a class you would like to pursue. Let me know if you need any more assistance.

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