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    After being in karting for over 12 years, I’m finally getting an enclosed trailer!!! My current faithful trailer has been with me since I got into karting and has served me very well.

    Before this season, I completely went through the trailer and updated many of the fasteners, changed out wood screws for bolts/nylocks, replaced the rubber mat on the lid, etc… I basically rebuilt it. I also had the tires replaced (bias ply / radials are not available in this 12″ size) and had the wheel bearings re-packed.

    If you know me, I’m really OCD about how I treat and maintain everything.

    I pull it with a Honda Odyssey minivan. It trailers very easily, tracks straight & true, cruises at 80 mph with no worries.

    – Comes with a full size spare wheel & tire (12″) which has never been used.
    – Has a standard 4 pin electrical plug.
    – I will include the correct 1-7/8” dia trailer hitch ball (16” ball height from ground).
    – Does not have the fenders on it. One was ran into in the pits at a race a number of years ago and basically torn off, so I removed the other one.
    – A number of years ago one of the right side leaf spring mounting points cracked. I used some angle iron and fabricated a bracket for it.
    – When there isn’t a kart on it, you can’t see the trailer, so backing up can be tricky. I usually just quickly disconnect it and manually move it.
    – I will also include a cable and lock that I recently purchased for security purposes. I wrap the cable around the kart chassis and put it through one of the trailer wheels.
    – Trailer hitch can be locked.
    – Trailer lid can be locked with two latches with keys.

    It’s a custom built Harbor Freight trailer with the tilting lid. I bought it from a karter who was retiring from karting. He bought the trailer new, then built the “box” on top of it from scratch. It has a surprising amount of room inside for various things. It can be easily moved around by one person fully loaded, even with the kart on top. It’s very small and compact and can store just about anywhere. I store it in the corner of a garage.

    The tilting lid is just the right height so that one person can roll the kart on/off a standard kart stand.

    The trailer is located in SoCal (Orange County).

    Perfect trailer for either a new or longtime karter that needs something small.

    Call or text me for more info. 714-330-8664

    Or you can e-mail me at kschilling@superkartsusa.com

    More pictures upon request.


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    Ken Schilling


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    Ken Schilling

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    Ken Schilling


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