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    Richard Kirlin

    has anyone tested these yet, how are they compared to mg yellow?

    Race season is only few months away and I need to know if they hold up better than mg yellows or close to it.

    ordering about 40 sets and don’t want to make a huge mistake if they no good for road racing?



    Craig Drabik

    I have not yet run them, but some fellow F-Series racers have.  We’ll be switching to them this year in the F-Series.  From what I’ve heard they are much more durable than the MGs and about the same lap time.

    F-Series kicks off in Mooresville next weekend.  If the rain holds off I’ll have some first-hand experience with them then.


    TJ Koyen

    Depends on which compound they are using. I tested the Le Conts last year against MGs. Much more durable, but about 1.5 second a lap slower at MRP.

    Very consistent though. From new to used, they dropped off about a tenth. Couldn’t get them to overheat when we kept the pressures within the manufacturers recommendations.

    For a sprint race, I would say they were too hard for a TaG kart, but not sure on road racing. They were really good for a Yamaha sprint kart.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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