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    William Weiler

    I went Saturday and when I was done my shoulders and triceps hurt, but after tonight, my biceps near the elbow really hurt instead. Is this a case of too far from the wheel, then too close?

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    Rob Howden

    It sounds like you were gripping too tightly on the wheel and pulling yourself forward in the corners. You shouldn’t need to have your biceps flexed while you’re driving.

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    William Martin

    Did the seat fit you well? If it’s too loose a fit, all manner of discomfort can happen…


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    William Weiler

    The seats typically don’t fit. Go Karts Race is all turns and no straightaways. I was initially baffled as to why my biceps would hurt. I met a guy there, unfortunately I forgot his name, who said he is a long time Kart racer and he said he comes to this track for the work out instead of the gym. I see why now.

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