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    michael hoffman

    Who makes the best fitting kart for people over six feet tall? Looking for a four stroke kart for animal and maybe a different engine later.


    Thanks people.

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    Brian Degulis

    Any Kart will work just get a front porch extension kit.


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    Walt Gifford

    I’m 6’1″ and I drive a Coyote wide track LE3 but any kart is about the same. You might have to get an extended steering hub and tilt your steering shaft forward so you can get your seat forward and still have a little clearance between your legs and the steering wheel.

    If karts were just 6″ longer and 3″ wider they would fit everybody.


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    michael hoffman

    Walt I’m 6’4″and trying to see if there is a tall person’s kart made, I know that Margay makes a limo version of all their karts which is awesome and, I believe I will go with them, just looking for options.

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    Walt Gifford

    Margay’s a great kart. Animal drives off the left so check the position of the rear cross bar and 3rd bearing to make sure you’ve got chain clearance.


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    michael hoffman



    The 4.11 and 4.12 frames are setup for clones and animals with the rear bar well out of the way as well as the seat struts, looks like and awesome kart, nice to see some one makes a kart designed f especially for four strokes and taller drivers, seems like Margay listens to all karters.




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    Larry Andrews

    It all depends on how much work you can and are willing to do.  I’ve got a 4/s on an extended porch Tony, but it required a custom motor mount top plate and the Tony porch kit isn’t even close to complete so that required a good bit more fabrication.  I’m happy with the kart now but it took a LOT of work to make it happen.

    I’ve always admired Margay and want to support American manufacturers – but it’s tough when there really aren’t any dealers anywhere near me.  Some of the best advice I’ve seen is ‘buy what’s supported locally’.

    For tall guys, IMO getting weight moved forwards and down can be a really big deal.  If you want to experiment, just sit up and lean forwards onto the steering wheel.  If the kart starts turning easily, you’re way too far back.  I keep finding that I have to get the weight close at least before any of the other tuning advice will make a difference.

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    Gary Osterholt

    I agree with Larry.  Support what’s sold locally.  It will help a new guy greatly.

    As a 6’7″ driver myself, I’ve had extended porch karts for a while now.   I’ve pushed for years to get an bolt on extend porch kit, instead of the fixed porch.  The reason is resale, with the extended porch I can take off the kit, put the original stuff back on and anyone can drive the kart now.

    CRG, Birel and Tony Kart all have an Extended Porch.  I know the CRG kit will fit with very little to no modication on a Merlin and Parolin kart.


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    Greg Dingess

    All of the 4-cycle karts we produce at Margay are specific to the North American 4-cycle market.  Our karts are manufactured with far less caster than the European counterpart, which is ideal for a bigger/taller guy with a higher center of gravity.

    We have dealers in Texas that would be more than happy to help you out!  Give me a call and we can hook you up — 1.800.562.7429.

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