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    Tom Turner

    What is difference between the KA100 and the KT100 ?


    Morgan Schuler

    IAME vs. Yamaha.
    Reed valve vs. piston port.
    Electric on-board starter vs. external starter.
    Low maintenance/low stall clutch vs. high maintenance/high stall clutch.
    Tillotson vs. Walbro carb.
    KA100 has a few more hp.
    KA100 seems to need less blueprinting & rebuilds.
    KA100 is pipe exhaust, you can put a pipe on the KT100 but the “can” exhaust is more popular especially in sprint racing.


    David Cole

    Hi Tom,

    I wrote a column last year about the KA100 and compared it to the KT100.


    I think there is room for both engines in the industry after a year of watching the KA100. The KA100 could be the national level type engine, with the Yamaha geared toward more of the grassroots level of the sport.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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