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    Ted Hamilton

    Is there an ignition side cover available for the KA-100?  The exposed rotor and wiring seem like an iffy proposition….Sure, duct tape and zip ties can fix a lot, but just not a very clean solution…  Thanks…


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    David Cole

    It is what IAME is doing with the new engines. No cover on the ignition side of the engine. Maybe someone can design and manufacture one?

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      Dan Breuer

      Hate to admit it but you are correct. Make sure you get the wires up…already made that mistake and had a ‘miss’ all through qualifying (only issue we have had and have run around 8 hours on two engines). Seems like it is going to be a big, affordable class at our track.

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    Greg Wright

    Most 100cc reed valve engines (Reedjet, TT75 etc.) have no ignition cover.

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      Ted Hamilton

      Most 100cc reed valve engines (Reedjet, TT75 etc.) have no ignition cover.

      Greg — yes, but the MOTOPLATS have nice clean wiring…

      I think I’m going to develop a cover since I work at a CNC shop (as a programmer), and I’ll keep y’all posted.  It will be a plate with central hole for the rotor, and a hole to put the rubber grommet plug into that secures the internal wiring…  I’ll post a concept drawing once I have it.  Luckily there’s plenty of threaded locations for standoffs on that side.  I used to work at a small-run plastic injection molding shop as a machinist too, but that road would be too pricey for this limited an application…

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    Ted Hamilton
    KA100 Ignition

    Loose wiring…

    The half-moon plug will fit into the cover, which will shield the other two wires from contact with the rotor…

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