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    Dave Holstein

    I’m getting very inappropriate emails from a “Ruby Grant” a young girl from a noble family (their words, not mine)

    who wants to be more than friends ( wink)

    again their words,

    Unless it karting specific, I don’t want any crap like this from here…


    Mike Bray

    I got the same one.  I think if you send he $5K she will send you $1m LOL




    Lyle Clark

    What, everyone got it? I thought I was the special one.


    Rob Howden

    Thanks guys, we’ll look at it.


    Kevin Kann

    Dammit she is mine… Back off guys.


    Jim White

    Rubys a hottie. I already gave her my visa number. You guys are all late!

    But seriously first time I’ve ever gotten a spam PM from any board. Kinda weird.


    David Cole

    It’s already taken care. Just ignore the message. Thanks.


    William Butcher

    Yep, Got two emails from Ruby today. Says she saw me on this “social” site. First time on any private message board. Email not opened, deleted. best not put into spam folder, I might lose all emails from eKartingNews.

    I know of Kenny Rodgers “Ruby don’t take your love town”, but I guess Ruby can take her love to the Kart Track !!



    David Cole


    I’m pretty sure it was the email notification you got from EKN that was referring to the private message you received from the SPAM account. It happened all the time at the old site, it just never included the actual message. In our new forum, the email notification DOES include the message. I received one, as did many others. The email sender should have been EKN. If not, please let me know. Thank you.


    Lyle Clark

    Poor Ruby, turned down again.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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