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    Donald Dump

    This past fall I was looking around my shop and noticed that my kart had a Daytona 2007 inspection sticker. My girl friend also took note and said we had to go racing again.  After going on line I saw that there was a race coming up at Atlanta Motor Sports Park. Dusted everything off made sure the brakes worked and the motor would run and the motor home was loaded and it was off to Atlanta.  Had many problems as I relearned to set up a kart. Lost the practice day when after thrashing all morning on the kart I went to the line in the afternoon and the motor would not fire.  Back to the pits and replaced the used 10 year old motor with a used 13 year old motor. Race one I simple drove off the track on lap one. The next day I managed a second place.  My girl friend said we had to do more of this so the plan was made to run the whole circuit the coming season. Daytona was more of a relearning curve and I failed to finish all three races but had a lot of fun and I am ready to head to Savanna.  I was greeted with open arms by everyone who remembered the bumblebee and it was a lot of fun. The Daytona staff who in the past could be a bit of a hassle could not have been more helpful and friendly. It is sad to see how our numbers are dwindling. I don’t have an answer but I know that if somehow we could get some exposure for our invisible sport and people learned that for a relatively small amount (by racing standards) they can race at Daytona our numbers would swell. But regardless the bumblebee is back and looking forward to a lot of good racing and good times with friends.


    John Barthelmass

    Great to read your account, and great to see that you’re enjoying road racing again!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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