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    Chris Stylianou

    My rear axle on my kart required a lot of force for it to spin and won’t spin freely(engine off). I then took off the clutch cover and noticed when i spin the axle the clutch drum moves but not the flywheel. I tried taking off the clutch drum after unscrewing the washer but it will not come out. I definitely don’t feel safe starting the motor. If anyone has an idea on what i can do to remove the clutch drum your help will be much appreciated thanks.


    Ehhh… I want to say the needle bearing either seized or came apart on you. The only way the flywheel should move with the axle is if the engine is running and the clutch is engaged. The drum should spin freely with with the axle. Have you ever replaced the clutch drum needle bearing or even greased it? Try taking a set of flat heads behind the drum and carefully wiggle it off (careful of clutch right behind the drum). If not, wait to see of Tony responds since he seems to have the most experience and knowledge with the Leopard. Keep us posted, I would like to know what happened.


    Chris Stylianou

    I ended up taking off the drum with the two flat heads and the needle bearing looks fine to me.

    I bought this kart used recently and dont have much experience with these motors. Is there anything else I should grease before reinstalling the clutch?


    Now that the chain is off, try and spin the axle. Does it spin freely? Did your engine possibly move and tighten the chain a lot? If not, check your rear bearings. Probably not it, but put the starter nut back on the shaft and try to wheel it around either by hand or with the 17mm socket to check for compression/stuck piston. I don’t see how that would lock up the axle, but it’s something to check for. If everything checks out, clean bearing and all surfaces with brake clean and grease the bearing. Make sure you pay attention to what way those washers face when being installed. One is coned(clutch side) and the other is stepped (between drum and starter nut). Once back on see how it spins.

    Is it the MY 07 (Red/Green button Electronic Box)or 09 (Key Start) engine?
    Give this a good read and see if this helps with greasing the bearing, torque specs and chain tension.



    Chris Stylianou

    After cleaning, greasing, and reinstalling the clutch, it works fine again. Thank you so much for your help!


    Anytime Chris! Glad it worked out for you.

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