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    Timothy Strawkas

    How is this not being discussed on the forums? :-)  crazy stuff with lots of backstory I am sure. The guy that pulled the plug wire will forever be remembered as so, no matter how much he tunes winners now.

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    David Cole

    Hi Tim,

    Here is our report from Thursday’s action. Currently watching what Team USA is doing today. They have about nine more heat races overall before the day is completed.

    That video in our report was crazy. It is a world championship for IAME drivers, with a lot on the line. Especially when each driver is racing in seven heat races, every point matters.

    Here is a quote from the producer of the video, a photographer from Europe:

    They were making the drivers remove their nose cones in the paddock before entering the holding pen. They then made them refit them before letting them in. This resulted in a queue outside the holding pen. The drivers inside were then delayed while they scanned tyres and checked the width of the rear of the karts.

    The buzzer went for closing the dummy grid gate and the guy at that gate didn’t realise there was a backlog so closed the gate. 17 drivers outside the gate couldn’t take to the track.

    13 drivers took to the track and went on the formation lap. The remaining drivers made their way to the dummy grid and tried to take to the track and the mechanics of drivers already on the track blocked the grid exit. The race was then red flagged while the fight took place. They removed the karts to park ferme and then restarted the race with the 13 karts plus two than managed to make it to the track.

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    Walt Gifford

    What happened to the rest of the karts, did they get to race later? That’s a new low having your crew block the other karts from getting on the track. I never though of that one lol. If the race was red flagged why didn’t they let everybody go out for the re-start?


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    David Cole

    At national and international events, you have to present yourself to the grid before the grid gates are closed. As mentioned by the photographer who filmed the craziness, some drivers/mechanics were not allowed to enter the grid as the time do to do so had expired. Part of the reason was officials were reviewing the front nose cones of karts before they entered the grid.

    Officials stuck with their call, and a number of drivers were not allowed to enter the track, even after the red flag.

    It’s the same at Rok, Rotax, SKUSA, WKA, USPKS, and other events. You need to present yourself to the grid on time, or you are not allowed to enter the track. Instead of just one or two that we sometimes see, it was around 13 drivers trying to, including a number of top qualifiers – thus amping up the decision and actions by those mechanics.

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    Brian Spek

    The winner may have won with a full grid anyway, but this must have put a damper on it for him too.  If 1 or 2 drivers were late to the grid due to their own fault, then cool.  But 10+ drivers getting caught out seems to be an event problem.  I feel bad for both the guys who got to race with 1/2 grid, and worse for the guys who did not.  Sucks for the sport. Makes one want to get an old Rotax again.:)

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    Walt Gifford

    They were held up by the officials then penalized for not making the grid on time? You can say rules are rules buy you really shouldn’t treat people that severely at a simple go kart race.


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    Dan Brown

    I agree, in my opinion the whole situation was handled poorly. Regardless of why the competitors were delayed, there is no way that the mechanics of one team have any right to block the grid or stop  someone from entering the track, that is a call only a race official can make. As far as the mechanic pulling a drivers plug wire, he should be ejected and banned. No one except an official or a member of a drivers own team has a right to touch that teams equipment.

    I understand the rules of not being ready and presenting yourself on the grid at the correct time, but if the drivers were ready and an officiating issue such as checking bumpers delays over the half the field from entering the grid, then the race director needs to address those issues with his staff, not handle the problem by not allowing the racers to compete. And if two drivers were able to start their karts and get past the people trying to block them, why were they allowed to compete when the others sitting there patiently and respectfully were denied?

    With this being a large international event, and teams spending incredible amounts of money and making the commitment to travel and race this event, I would think that the race director and the event staff would do a much better job than this in officiating the event and dealing with circumstances as they present themselves. This is a black eye on our sport, and when situations like this are handled this poorly, everyone loses.

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    Mark Dismore Jr.

    I saw they were running the front hand brakes in Senior. That pretty much ruined it for me.

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    David Cole

    I agree Mark. It’s something not needed for the X30. I’m looking forward to hearing what David and Brandon say about it when they return.

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