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    Valdis Sustko

    I have been thinking about taking out some camber to reduce tire wear. How do these tires look to you considering they have 40 laps on them:

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    Ray Lovestead

    I am very interested in hearing what some of the more experienced people say.

    My humble opinion is that you are indeed running too much negative camber.  The outside of the fronts are pretty much unused.  But, having said that, there are times when running that extra camber helps in lap times due to the response mid-late corner.

    The wear in general looks good (no understeer, oversteer issues).


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    Peter Zambos

    Tread looks good.  If the graining was significantly more, then you would be getting them too hot, or if the graining was less, then they’d be too cool.  Color looks good.  Doesn’t look like you’re running too much caster as evident by the rear wear.  Honestly, if your kart is feeling good on both entry and exit, I wouldn’t change it JUST to keep your tires wearing more evenly, but would recommend swapping the left and right front tires.

    Keep in mind that what works well for tire longevity doesn’t always work well for handling and speed. :)

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    Valdis Sustko

    Peter, how does caster impact rear tire wear? I know it mostly affects turn in, but was not sure how it impacts rear.

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    TJ Koyen

    Tire wear looks pretty good actually. You’ll naturally wear more on the inside, but I would agree that it looks like you’re running maybe a bit too much negative camber.

    To Peter’s point about caster affecting rear tire wear, too much caster will overwork the rear tires as you transfer more load onto them through the increased weight-jacking. When we put too much caster in, we push and overheat the rears and they start to feather.

    But overall I’d say your wear looks good. Maybe a little camber change will help but only the stopwatch will tell for sure.

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    Peter Zambos

    To add to TJ’s response to caster and rear tire wear, I’ve found that the inside of the rear tire tends to wear significantly more on the inside shoulder when I’ve been running too much caster.  Granted, the tracks I run on aren’t very tight, so you might actually want that on the twistier tracks.

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    Matt Dixon

    To add to TJ and Peters

    whats happening is you are get tire spin on the inside rear. Getting the rear to jack a little more will help that, which ties in with your camber.


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    Valdis Sustko

    Thank you guys! I decreased negative camber, but that made my kart float a lot more so I switched it back to neutral camber and neutral caster.

    PS. I am running Intrepid Cruiser.

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