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    Tracy Clark

    Daughter races Briggs & Stratton LO206, she is 5.5 and 143 lbs.  We want to buy her a new kart but don’t know what Arrow Kart to buy.  When she races she has to weight anywhere from 365 to 380.  So I need help figuring out best Arrow Kart chassis to buy that will hold the Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine.  Thanks

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    Craig Drabik

    If you’re buying new, the dealer will help you buy the right kart.  If you’re on a 206, you’ll want a 4-cycle specific chassis.  The 4-stroke engines have the clutch on the seat-side of the engine.  Chassis for those engines have the seat stay and crossmember in a place that won’t interfere with 4-stroke engine mounting.  The X3-4S is the current Arrow 4-stroke model.  I don’t see them on Kartsport or Comet’s websites so they may have to order one special for you or they may just not have them on the website.


    I’ve raced an AX9-4S for years now and they’re great.  Very easy to work on and very competitive in 4-cycle classes..


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    patrick j slattery

    You should find a good 4S Arrow kart, it works great for both 2 and 4 cycle.  Does that class run an inboard or outboard clutch?


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    Cole Liggett

    I’m running a standard arrow x1 with a Burris mount and I’m not running into clearance issues.  I can see where a 4 stroke chassis would make it a little easier, but it’s definetly not necessary.  I’m 175 pounds and with my lo206 and 3/4 tank of fuel I weigh in at 366 pounds.  Maybe my next chassis will be a 4s…

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    Craig Drabik

    I’ve got an X1 as well that I run Leopard on.  The chassis is significantly beefier, and runs a 50mm axle.  The AX9-4S is lighter and 40mm axle.  From my experience it’s rare to see 4-stroke lower power classes running 50mm axles.  I can’t speak to clearance, I’ve only run 2-cycle engines on the X1.


    Good luck.

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