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    Kuwayne Green

    i’m new to karting. I bought a yamaha kt100 with a Horstman steel nytro clutch 3 disc 6 spring.  When I brought home and tried running it. It kept on running off the starter nut. So I pulled the clutch apart and found couple of tge springs loose. I cleaned it up and tge disc looked ok. I put it back together and put the springs at factory settings .325″. Lapped the clutch to the crank and filed keyway. But I cant get the clutch to hook it slips real bad. I adjusted it some, but it still slips. I’m wondering if the clutch discs are bad. I have a rebuild kit. I’m going to try that and see. Should I rebuild it or try adjusting some more?

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    Bill Angel

    I’m  assuming you have clutch oil in it??? You must have located the manual so look at the description for air gap and make sure you are within the limits. That clutch is designed to slip to over 10000 rpm so you might think it’s slipping to much when it’s working properly.

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    Kuwayne Green

    The reason I’m saying it’s slipping is I cant get it to move. I drove once before when I just got it and the starter nut came out.  So I guess I’ll try some more adjusment. I received the manual from tsracing. On the air gap that I did not check.

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