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    William Weiler

    My builder gave me a 14t gear with a 57 sprocket and it is geared way too low. So I decided to try and go up a tooth in the gear. He built this Kart with a complete used engine and didn’t even know what the clutch was when I asked. I finally identified my clutch as a Hilliard Fury with an accessory clutch bell with the gear mounted outboard, instead of the stock inboard bell. The bell has the gear welded on. I think this arrangement gets the LO206 drivetrain to fit the TonyKart with my XL seat. I don’t know how to modify this to a larger gear. Maybe it’s better to start from scratch. Can someone recommend a clutch that will fit a TonyKart 401s and a XL Tillet seat?

    TonyKart 401s LO206
    Morgan Hill, CA


    Morgan Schuler

    Cambrian Go Karts (www.cambriangokarts.com) could probably help you out. You need to find a shop or somebody at the track that will help you better.

    If you’re not on Facebook you should join just for the various LO206 groups: “West Coast Briggs 206 Racing” and “Briggs LO 206 Racers” are a couple. You’ll get answers faster on there.



    Yes, just start from scratch, that engine may be getting tired, besides it leaks oil, and it seems to have a few issues.

    I have a brand new complete package, with everything you need to just bolt on and go, and with a mount that you can adjust however you want, Plus I will set up for the correct clutch driver gear, and rear sprocket. And carb/float adjustments.

    I tell you, it is kind of nice to know you are the one guy that was doing the engine break-in process.

    We are going to CalSpeed tomorrow. Interested?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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